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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your web and content support services cost?

This largely depends on the number of hours we anticipate the support project to last, and the type of support services needed. Some services, such as web hosting and starter websites, are based on a flat-fee.

If you are seeking to stay within the frames of a specific budget, it helps us to know what your ideal price range is. We can suggest a service package that is just the right fit for your online business.

How long will it take for my managed support service project to be finished?

This can be variable depending on the amount of work needing to be done. When we first get an overview of your business’ needs, we will provide a time estimate for you. Please note though that this is only a time estimate. If any unforeseen issues come up, they may cause the service project to take longer than originally anticipated.

Can I pay you with a check, or through PayPal?

Cash, credit cards, and PayPal are accepted. However, checks are not acceptable due to potential legal issues that may arise from one being bounced. All card and cash payments will be processed through PayPal’s invoicing system.

Please note that if you choose to use cash, credit card, or PayPal, 50% to 100% of your total payment may be due upfront to cover project-related expenses.

If for any reason you are unable to pay upfront, we can lay out a payment plan with milestones. This way, you can pay for parts of the support project as they are completed.


Can I get a refund?

While we would love to be able to offer refunds, the nature of this business is a service, and not a product. Due to this, refunds are not possible. There are no means by which to return the labor or third-party materials and services utilized. If you have an issue with the managed support project, please contact us immediately! Time can absolutely be of the essence in getting issues resolved quickly and effectively.

Can I end the managed support services contract?

You are free to end the managed support contract at any time! Likewise, we may also choose to end the contract if we find we are not turning out to be the best match for a client. We are happy to work with clients that have high standards, struggles with time, or uncertainty. However, abuse such as name-calling, threats, profound profanity, sexual harassment, or any other unprofessional behavior will nullify all active contracts.

Is there anything else I should know about managed support services contracts with you?

One more thing: some participation will be necessary on your part to get some projects completed, especially if they involve web design or other custom material. This may include summarized business information, media such as video or images, online account access, interviews, or API keys. If you’re having any trouble coming up with any of this, we will be happy to provide extra support.

How can I be sure I'll like your work?

If provided samples are not enough to reassure you that our services work will be up to your business standards, we can start a small sample project.

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I am 36 years old and have been in IT and Communications for over 15 years.




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