Looking for public communication and digital marketing services that will transform your business startup into a champion? It's here!  Complete creative design and managed support services designed to create a lasting, genuine connection with your customers...

A few things I’m great at

I have over 15 years of experience in support services, marketing strategy, creative design, and communications. Here are some of  the support services I use to create outstanding public communication strategy for business:

Affordable Web Design

Creative design, free logo design, free photo editing, web design strategies, and simple web hosting platforms that put you in the driver’s seat of your web design. 

Immersive E-Commerce 

The most creative e-commerce strategies, shopping cart web designs, and e-commerce solutions make e-business design and merchantry strategy both simple and effective.

 Strategic Web Hosting Support

Business web hosting which is secure, cost-effective, and reliable. 24/7 managed support with private servers, which includes free domain names and email hosting. I manage your webhosting strategy so you can focus on your business strategies. 

Copywriting Support Services

SEO writing, business communications, website content, technical writing, blog writing, product reviews – I have you covered with any style, tone, topic, or audience. Professional proofreading services are available, as well. 

Client Testimonials

Here are some of the great things clients have had to say about my services. You can read many more fantastic client testimonials on UpWork and LinkedIn!

Was my first time working with Jonquil and I enjoyed working with her. Her communication and responsiveness were top-notch. She not only provided what I asked for but went above and beyond the requirements and provided what was on the ‘wish list’. Totally awesome!

David McKendrick

Jonquil was amazing at how fast she delivered and quick well she responded. Her skills are reasonably strong in my opinion. She helped me figure out the payment methods and was very decisive.

Jeanine Souren
relationship Psychologist

Jonquil was a pleasure to work with. We hired her to write a blog article for our software company. She had great communication and lightening fast turnaround time! Was very impressed and would highly recommend. Thanks!

Jason Martin
software engineering manager

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