Web Design

These starter packages have everything you need to get started with a new website. Optional add-on services such as content writing, graphic logos, and photo refinishing are available, too.

What Do I Get?

Here is a summary of features that come included with all of our web hosting plans. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our web hosting practices and offerings. 

Hosting By Linux

Linux has been the industry-wide standard in web servers for several decades. Customers get their choice of Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS with all dedicated hosting plans. 

Hosting Control Panel

VistaCP is a beautiful, simplified hosting control panel which is included with all web hosting packages, shared or dedicated. 

Software Installer

Softaculous makes it easy to install and maintain thousands of web apps. 

FTP, SSH, POP, IMAP & Webmail

Access to all of these services is included with every web hosting plan. Every web hosting package comes with unlimited email addresses and unlimited subdomains. 

Spam Filtering

Customers get their choice of Bogofilter or Spamassassin. Both are widely-recognized industry-standard spam filters. 

SSL Certificate

All web hosting plans come with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Dedicated hosting plans come with unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Cloudflare SSL certificates are also available upon request. 

Triple Firewall

Host, server, and domain-side firewalls protect customer accounts from all angles. 

24/7 Automated Monitoring

The host, server, and domain are all monitored 24/7. Automated systems watch stats for trouble and notify the admin if anything looks suspicious, if any pages are down, or if the web server is running slow. 

Intelligent Defense

Our intelligent intrusion detection system notices any suspicious traffic that bypasses the firewalls and blocks them in real-time, hardening the server so any similar future attacks will fail automatically. 

24/7 Secure Support: Your Way

We offer 24/7 support via any communication channel you prefer. Phone, email, SMS, PM, or even video call. All of our communications can be encrypted upon customer request, too!

Screen-sharing: Let Us Get That For You

If you are having trouble learning how to work on your website or don’t feel like being guided through troubleshooting steps during a support call, you can request a confidential screen-sharing session with us!

starter packages

For all other support inquiries, contact us for a free consultation!

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