Microsoft Outlook has recently been showing some inter-operable love to its users by adding Google Drive and Facebook integration to Outlook email’s feature list. While Outlook email users have been able to link their Outlook email account to Google Drive for quite some time now in Android and iOS, this featureĀ is now available through the web-mail site, making it fully cross-platform. Not only can you now link Google Drive and Facebook photos directly to your emails, but you can also edit Google Drive documents directly through the Outlook interface, thanks to the new support of Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. The only catch to this is if someone invites you to edit their Google Drive document – for now, you have to use Google Docs to manage that. Microsoft has also improved the way Outlook’s web-mail interface handles attachments with the addition of an “attachments view” drop down menu.

Google Drive is not all that Outlook supports, either – earlier this year, Microsoft added support for Box and Dropbox to compliment their existing OneDrive integration.

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