If you are worried about your business data being secure online, Nextcloud is the solution for you. With Nextcloud, you own the cloud that holds your data. It also saves you money on paying for cloud provider services. The latest version of open sourced Nextcloud has a collection of awesome SaaS (software as a service) features in its tool belt. The greatest is the encrypted audio/video chat system. Called Spreed, it uses either Firefox or Chrome to chat and screen share.

“Building this kind of powerful collaboration software is the next step in file sync and share, in groupware, and for open source in general. People want to have powerful features while being in control over their data and communication,” Frank Karlitschek, co-founder and former CTO of ownCloud (the original name of Nextcloud), explained to opensource.com.

Nextcloud also includes a cloud friendly version of LibreOffice called Collabora Online. You can share, edit, and collaborate on documents, just like you do with Google Docs and Office 365. Additionally, Secure Drop allows you to create unique file sharing links with full control. You can control the read/write permissions, password protect the link, and even give it an expiration date. The security features make it difficult for a hacker to gain much access to the files on the system. That is assuming if they can gain any access at all!

As an open source project, Nextcloud is absolutely free to install.

If you’re interested in checking it out, have your system administrator take a look at Nextcloud’s install page here.


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