a scarlet blossom; a blooming
passion red spent on a wine luminosity unfurling from your icy cool plethoras
the burning; the pain
my crimson stained embellishment… is that your plan?

to allure; bewitch; charm; dazzle; delight
to captivate my mind… and with it, my glimmering light…
will you enrapture me in your incandescent blaze?
and together… ignite this azure celestial sphere… sparking new purpose in this disquieting malaise?

your whisper has fingers
long crisp whispering shadows… as your balmy pools like perfume to my senses lingers
shhh. a shiver, so near…
breath tickling my ear…
as the whispers, they rage and flame… wildfire on my brain…

do you see with your discernment?
the luscious euphony around my neck… adornment…
if only to behold God’s glistening gold positioning contrivance.. His plan.

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