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How To Hire A Copywriter

What Is A Copywriter? A copywriter description could be a professional writer that is adept at the art of writing content for the web. In other words – a copywriter is a new term for a content author or content creator. If you are looking for someone to write content for your business website, blog,…
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How to Market a New Product

Product launches can be intimidating, especially if they’re niche or already saturated. As we’ve been taught by Steve Jobs with Apple, precision and foresight are mandatory for a successful product launch. The iPhone 4 almost doubled in sales what the iPhone 3G originally accomplished. So while it may seem impossible to successfully market a new…
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The Best Free Apps for Small Businesses

The best free apps for small businesses are stable, secure, have plenty of useful features without limiting functionality, and little to no “nagging” (advertising). Most importantly though, they add a value to your business that can’t be compared to by any other free app. These are the five best free apps for small business –…
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Social Engineering Techniques That Work on Employees

Social engineering techniques that work on employees are often quite simple and easily overlooked, but can bring a company down to its knees if employees are not well prepared to avoid their pitfalls. Make sure your employees are well prepared for a social engineering attack by making them aware of these common tricks used by…
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