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The Misenchanted Ramblings of a Mad Poet

the misenchanted ramblings of a mad poet on fireand his gowns ablaze with the glory of the sunwe dance under the moonlit days of an eagle crowned in her forceful gazeas she weeps tears of molten madnesswe walk along the shores ofthe beachthe pebblesthe shorethe waveslapping gently at our ankles like dogs lost along the…
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The Permeation of Opulence

A savage, beastly devouringRipping into delicate wet furPermeating the air with the sickly sweet scent of opulenceThe breath of the heat tickling her pink fleshCasting aside all facadesThey drip down the drain into the wilderness of an ecstasyDrifting like rose petalsDown to a faded, dusty floor

broken doll

Can this wretched broken worthless dollkicked and torn and eyelessever be used for a toy againor is the only destiny left for her in the garbage


I bled for youMy tears trickled down like rain landing softly on the heartless frigid white quarryI made a promise to her we would never do thatA promise is always so empty….A whisper, a gentle push, and I’m gone…The door shuts…a window opens…the breeze…The Venusian Grand Design opens,unfolds her wings,unlocks her gaze,her golden blaze resounds…Another…
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