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Acer E15 Laptop Offers Best Bang for Your Buck in 2016

Acer has improved dramatically since the last time I ventured to buy one of their laptops (back during Vista’s time, with the clam shell case design that looked like something out of a sci-fi movie). My biggest complaint about Acer back then was that the case was very flimsy and the touch controls quickly quit…
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Pidgin Still Supports Facebook Messenger! Here's How to Get It Back!

Pidgin surprisingly is still able to support Facebook Messenger, even though most multi-protocol messenger apps have to use a web wrapper to provide Facebook Messenger functionality. Pidgin just won’t include the new Facebook Messenger plugin until revision 3 of libpurple is released. You can download the Facebook plugin yourself and install it, though, to get…
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Microsoft's Arrow Launcher for Android: Reviewing Microsoft's Aim

It’s been interesting seeing a more cooperative and friendly side of Microsoft coming out as of late, with bigger efforts being made round table to encourage interoperability with competitor’s software. Evidently part of their new open arms philosophy has taken on the form of a new Android launcher called Arrow Launcher. Arrow Launcher takes a…
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