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Pidgin Still Supports Facebook Messenger! Here's How to Get It Back!

Pidgin surprisingly is still able to support Facebook Messenger, even though most multi-protocol messenger apps have to use a web wrapper to provide Facebook Messenger functionality. Pidgin just won’t include the new Facebook Messenger plugin until revision 3 of libpurple is released. You can download the Facebook plugin yourself and install it, though, to get…
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Disable a Keyboard or Touchpad in Linux via Command Line

Let’s face it. Laptop keyboards (and touchpads too!) suck. They quite often offer no spill protection or durability for their users, and when they break down, it can be quite a pain to break the entire laptop down just to disconnect the keyboard and replace it. This is probably why most folks simply plug in…
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Download the Fedora Core Wallpaper Packages for Every Desktop Environment

Fedora has became well known for their breathtakingly beautiful default wallpapers, and each Fedora Spin has its own set to compliment its default desktop environment. You can download all of the Fedora core wallpaper packages through one easy command in terminal: # sudo dnf install f23-backgrounds-extras-*

Gnome Title Bar Size in Fedora: Reduce or Remove the Gnome 3.18 Title Bar in Fedora 23

The default Gnome title bar in Fedora seems larger than what is normal, taking away valuable screen space for a seemingly useless purpose. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to chance the Fedora title bar size, or even to remove the title bar completely. All you have to do is open up Terminal and do the following:…
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