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How to Enable Beats Audio Subwoofer Audio on a HP Laptop in Ubuntu/Linux

This guide/how to is written from the perspective of a Ubuntu user, but the concept should work across a wide variety of Linux distributions. It has been confirmed to work in Fedora Linux at least, as well as Ubuntu. I am personally using Kubuntu 15.10. This should work for all HP/Hewlet-Packard branded laptops, and has…
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Facial Care for Sensitive Skin Types (Dry, Normal, Combination, Oily, Acne Prone)

Sensitive skin can be pretty fussy about what products you use on it, especially when it comes to facial care. This can be made even more difficult if you have sensitive skin that’s acne prone, since most products labeled for treating acne can cause even worse irritation than products that aren’t labeled for this use.…
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How To Get Amazon Prime Instant Video Working in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail/Mint 15 Olivia Linux on Chrome/Chromium or Firefox

A major issue I have had since returning to the Linux distros such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint has been that my Amazon Prime Instant Video has ceased working by default with the Linux version of Adobe Flash. I was constantly being told that I needed to update my Adobe Flash Player by Amazon Prime…
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