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The Top Free Software for Windows PCs – 2018 Edition

The Best Free Software For Windows Everyone loves free software, especially if it allows you to get your work done efficiently without nagging you at every turn to buy the premium version. While there’s plenty of free software out there, not all of it is useful. Some of it blocks you from using essential features…
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The Best Free Proofreading Software Online: A Proofreading App Review

Which Free Proofreading Software Is The Best? The best free proofreading software online features a scanner that catches at least 90% of grammatical errors, corrects errors accurately, and gives a readability analysis. It also scans and corrects grammar accurately, and there are no limits on its functionality as a grammar checking tool. I have dealt…
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Is A Legit Website? A Review

Is a legit website? I was wondering this too when I stumbled upon the website via a Facebook ad. It seemed too good to be true: tons of low priced items ranging from organizational tools to electronics, with free shipping and a $5 signup bonus. It was like a massive online Big Lots. So,…
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Acer E15 E5-553-102Z: Review of A Budget Laptop Built for Power and Speed

Can the Acer E15 E5-553-102Z Outperform My HP Powerbook? I was slightly disappointed when I found out my older HP Powerbook was going to require $300 to be repaired and decided it would be best to purchase the Acer E15 E5-553-102Z. It caught my attention for its powerful  3.4GHz AMD A12 9700P processor and 8GB…
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