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Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019 – Tips For Freshening Up

Social Media Digital Marketing May Be Dead This article on the death of social media networks will create shivers if you have using digital marketing strategy on social media networks. With data privacy concerns, advertising annoyances, predatory browsing, and emotionally explosive discussions, folks are disconnecting from social networks. Where are they going? As this article…
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iOS 11 Changes & Highlights: Reviewing the iPhone’s New OS Update

The iOS 11 changes & highlights for the iPhone bring greater productivity and increased security to a platform greatly criticized over the past decade for being little more than an expensive toy for bored yuppies. No more just an app container, iOS 11 for iPhone has matured into a full featured operating system that could…
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Chipolte's Credit Card Systems Hacked: Here's What You Need to Know

Chipolte is one of the most popular lunch spots for many businesses across the nation. Today the company announced that their credit card system was hacked. The majority of their restaurants were affected by the malware used in the attack. Chipolte does not know how many restaurants were affected, though. Thankfully, Chipolte has released a…
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