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How To Hire A Copywriter

What Is A Copywriter? A copywriter description could be a professional writer that is adept at the art of writing content for the web. In other words – a copywriter is a new term for a content author or content creator. If you are looking for someone to write content for your business website, blog,…
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Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019 – Tips For Freshening Up

Social Media Digital Marketing May Be Dead This article on the death of social media networks will create shivers if you have using digital marketing strategy on social media networks. With data privacy concerns, advertising annoyances, predatory browsing, and emotionally explosive discussions, folks are disconnecting from social networks. Where are they going? As this article…
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Business Network Security: How To Secure Your Network

Business Network Security Takes A Front Seat Business network security is more necessary than ever for small business owners. With the recent economic collapse, small business owners have become increasingly frequent targets for scams and theft. If you’ve ever been the target of a hacking attack, then you already know the financial damage it can…
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The 15 Most Common WordPress Mistakes Small Businesses Make

WordPress Mistakes Are Part Of The Learning Process As fantastic of a content management platform WordPress is, it’s natural to make mistakes with it – we are, after all, only human. Errors are how we learn and grow! So, no matter how long you’ve been using WordPress, you may find that you are making some…
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