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Pidgin Still Supports Facebook Messenger! Here's How to Get It Back!

Pidgin surprisingly is still able to support Facebook Messenger, even though most multi-protocol messenger apps have to use a web wrapper to provide Facebook Messenger functionality. Pidgin just won’t include the new Facebook Messenger plugin until revision 3 of libpurple is released. You can download the Facebook plugin yourself and install it, though, to get…
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Disable a Keyboard or Touchpad in Linux via Command Line

Let’s face it. Laptop keyboards (and touchpads too!) suck. They quite often offer no spill protection or durability for their users, and when they break down, it can be quite a pain to break the entire laptop down just to disconnect the keyboard and replace it. This is probably why most folks simply plug in…
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How to Enable Beats Audio Subwoofer Audio on a HP Laptop in Ubuntu/Linux

This guide/how to is written from the perspective of a Ubuntu user, but the concept should work across a wide variety of Linux distributions. It has been confirmed to work in Fedora Linux at least, as well as Ubuntu. I am personally using Kubuntu 15.10. This should work for all HP/Hewlet-Packard branded laptops, and has…
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How to Create a Mult-Boot USB Installer for Mac OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, and Mountain Lion

This was a little project I embarked in at work a while back that I found to be quite a pain due to the last guide on this topic being so outdated. So here’s my update on how to create a multi-boot USB installer for Mac OS X… It is very important to follow this…
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