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Is A Legit Website? A Review

Is a legit website? I was wondering this too when I stumbled upon the website via a Facebook ad. It seemed too good to be true: tons of low priced items ranging from organizational tools to electronics, with free shipping and a $5 signup bonus. It was like a massive online Big Lots. So,…
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December 13, 2017 0
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Acer E15 E5-553-102Z: Review of A Budget Laptop Built for Power and Speed

Can the Acer E15 E5-553-102Z Outperform My HP Powerbook? I was slightly disappointed when I found out my older HP Powerbook was going to require $300 to be repaired and decided it would be best to purchase the Acer E15 E5-553-102Z. It caught my attention for its powerful  3.4GHz AMD A12 9700P processor and 8GB…
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December 2, 2017 0
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Why Your Business is Failing And What You Can Do About It

If your business is failing, there’s probably one or more of these factors playing into why it’s happening. It’s still not too late to turn your business around and make it a booming success. Here are five reasons why your business is failing, and what you can do about it: Your Business is Failing Because…
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November 17, 2017 0
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Great Leaders Build Great Businesses: Building a Better Business

In the business world, there are three types of leaders: those who fail, those who see short term success, and those who build a lifetime of value. Of course, everyone wants to be in this latter group! But not everyone makes it. Great Leaders Have Honesty Great leaders show character by standing up in what…
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November 2, 2017 0
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Proven Small Business Branding Strategies for 2017

Small business branding strategies are often one of if not the most difficult tasks for an entrepreneur to tackle. First of all, it’s hard to decide where to start. Second of all, it’s challenging determining what to do. Third of all, it’s awkward to get started on doing it. Small business branding strategies don’t have…
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October 23, 2017 0

Boost Windows 10 Performance With These 4 Simple Tweaks & Tips

It can be difficult to boost Windows 10 performance without doing anything to tweak the system under the hood. By default, Windows 10 is designed to run everything you don’t need by default, as well as hold on to all the system junk you don’t need as well. It doesn’t know what you need and…
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September 21, 2017 0

13 Tips on How to Create a Secure Network for Small Business

You can set up a secure network for small business without overspending your budget, as long as you play it smart. When you stay cautious with your data, it should stay safe from the hands of malicious hackers. Here are some tips to get you started on how to build a secure network for small…
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September 15, 2017 0

Twitter Marketing Strategy & Best Practices: How Small Business Can Use Twitter Effectively

Twitter marketing strategy for small business is fast paced and short-lived, as is fitting for the platform — after all, Twitter only allows its users up to 160 characters per post! Of course, this makes it easy to become lost trying to figure out how to promote a small business on Twitter. A small business’…
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September 13, 2017 0

iOS 11 Changes & Highlights: Reviewing the iPhone’s New OS Update

The iOS 11 changes & highlights for the iPhone bring greater productivity and increased security to a platform greatly criticized over the past decade for being little more than an expensive toy for bored yuppies. No more just an app container, iOS 11 for iPhone has matured into a full featured operating system that could…
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September 10, 2017 0

So Your Instagram Got Hacked: What to Do, and Signs Your Instagram is Hacked

Instagram got hacked last week… what to do to find out if you were one of those unlucky people who had your username, email address, and phone number stolen? Read on to find out! Signs Your Instagram is Hacked The easiest sign your Instagram got hacked is your phone is going to get hit with…
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September 5, 2017 0