Building Teams Builds Success

The wisest investment you can make in your business is engaging your employee team by utilizing team building strategies. Appreciation and engagement are the most surefire ways to improve employee team morale and productivity. Gallup says that 51% of American employees are not engaged. It costs businesses an estimated $450-$500 billion each year!

The good news is that employee team engagement can turn those frowns upside down. Your company can easily outperform competitors by 20% and rack up 37% more in sales. Happy employee teams take 10x less sick days and are 12% more productive. Rallying the team brings more benefits like better performance, collaboration, creativity, and communication. Here are some of the best employee team building strategies you can use to help your business flourish:

Trampoline Parks

Rocking Jump and other trampoline parks are appearing more frequently throughout the country. They offer packages for employee teams and different other groups. Food comes included, and they can accommodate groups of 15 all the way to 300. Remember what it was like to jump on a trampoline with your friends? Trampolines still offer the same fun and comradery.

Ropes Courses

Ropes Course, Inc. offers personal and group growth in a fun indoor or outdoor environment. They provide both low and high ropes courses. It’s a positive and upbeat way to build up your troupe of employees.

Adult Retreats

A retreat center offers the best possible environment for employee team building. They’re practical, relaxing, and allow you to get to know your employees. Unique Venues can get you started on finding an adult retreat center in your area.

Breakout Rooms

If you want to pump up your employee team’s competitive spirit, a breakout room is a perfect way to do it. Nothing brings out the competition like a time limit! A breakout room also challenges your team’s knowledge, coordination, and problem-solving skills. It can even build comradery among employees. Room Escape Adventures can get you set up with a breakout room that will help your employee team blow off steam by engaging in healthy competition.

Adult Arcades

Arcades have gotten popular again in just a few short years. Adult arcades like Dave & Busters offer arcade games alongside a bar and a full menu for all kinds of groups. Let your employees kick back and enjoy a brew over pinball.

Paint & Wine

Studies show that wine makes you get more creative. Why not visit an establishment that lets you create something magical while you sip on some wine?

Wine & Design does just this. If you can’t find a franchise nearby, take note that many painting studios offer nights with wine.

Take A Tour

There is not a city in existence that doesn’t have highlights that makes it great. A city tour could be the perfect way to get your employee team together for some fun. Find out together what makes the town you live and work in so unique.


Volunteering is a win-win all around. You get to help someone else, encourage your employee team to bond, and promote excellent public relations. Lots of sites can help you find volunteering opportunities, or you can ask your employees for ideas.

Building Perfect Memories for Your Team

All these wonderful team building strategies are excellent for building memorable employee team experiences. You will foster strong teamwork that will make them more productive at work. Work will become a place they want to go to, which improves your bottom line and increases success.

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