A major issue I have had since returning to the Linux distros such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint has been that my Amazon Prime Instant Video has ceased working by default with the Linux version of Adobe Flash. I was constantly being told that I needed to update my Adobe Flash Player by Amazon Prime Instant every time I tried to play a video.

Googling the issue revealed that I wasn’t the only person having this issue. There were hints of the fix here and there, but these pieces of information were scattered, leaving no complete solution to the issue anywhere. I finally managed to piece everything I read together in to this final fix… and lo and behold, I got Amazon Prime Instant Video working perfectly in BOTH Chrome/Chromium AND Firefox! No WINE, no VM… this works with the default Adobe Flash 11.2 install in both Ubuntu and Linux Mint… it may work in other distros as well, but those were the only two I tested.

Just open up Terminal and type in the following command strings:

sudo apt-get install hal libhal1
sudo mkdir /etc/hal/fdi/preprobe
sudo mkdir /etc/hal/fdi/information
/usr/sbin/hald –daemon=yes –verbose=yes
rm -rf ~/.adobe

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