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The Definitive Guide To Quitting Smoking by Vaping With E-Cigarettes/Advanced Personal Vaporizers – Part 1, Definitions and Choosing a Vaporizing Device

About two years ago I purchased my first e-cigarette: a Totally Wicked Titan Tank. Since then I have totally fallen in love with vaping, so when I found out that I was at high risk of developing COPD, it was no surprise that I brought up the e-cigarette subject to my doctor, especially since I…
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broken doll

Can this wretched broken worthless dollkicked and torn and eyelessever be used for a toy againor is the only destiny left for her in the garbage


I bled for youMy tears trickled down like rain landing softly on the heartless frigid white quarryI made a promise to her we would never do thatA promise is always so empty….A whisper, a gentle push, and I’m gone…The door shuts…a window opens…the breeze…The Venusian Grand Design opens,unfolds her wings,unlocks her gaze,her golden blaze resounds…Another…
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your masquerade: you’re pristine… but your words just run dry like a glass of water trickling down through the cracks in your sanity.

consummation to your anima

a scarlet blossom; a bloomingpassion red spent on a wine luminosity unfurling from your icy cool plethorasthe burning; the painmy crimson stained embellishment… is that your plan? to allure; bewitch; charm; dazzle; delightto captivate my mind… and with it, my glimmering light…will you enrapture me in your incandescent blaze?and together… ignite this azure celestial sphere… sparking…
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