About Me

Hi! I’m Jonquil McDaniel.

digital media and web, media and web, product or service, digital media, information technologyI have been offering online media and web support services independently for the past three years. After having spent over 15 years in various information technology and communications roles, I have developed the tenor and experience necessary to create a superb and painless online experience for my clients.

About My Approach

I want to bring online media and web services to small businesses at a price they can afford. Even more, I want to bring it to their doorstep in a style that’s both professional and intimate! I believe the best online media and web content will come from a place of profound insight into your business goals. When I adapt to your personalized vision, that level of understanding comes easily.

I do this by getting to know your business on a level that goes beyond just getting to know the requirements of the job. There’s more to it than just knowing your services and products. I seek to know your aspirations and intentions for the future. I then bring that out in my work by radiating with authenticity. I’m not just here to sell your product! I’m here to share your business’ character and vision with the world.

I believe you’re not just selling a product or service. You are selling a piece of your dreams for the future as well. That is what makes your company unparalleled. I want to learn what makes your business original so that I can highlight that in your online media and web services. Genuine individuality is what sells your product to the public more than anything else.
Make me your startup champion today, and I promise I will see your business through to the finish line!