About Digital Media and Web Support Services

Digital media and web can be hard to set up, can’t it?

How many times in the past have you tried to create or modify your own website, server, photo, logo, or social media? How many times have you given up, out of frustration?

Perhaps you came across a website that promised to deliver fantastic results through you just answering a few easy questions and uploading a picture or two, only to find that your results looked the same as everyone else’s that used the site.

If you have tried various websites and services, all promising you a fantastic experience, only to walk away in frustration… you’re not alone.

The simple truth is that a great online business cannot be automatically generated by a website. You need a real, live person to address your specific needs to truly be successful on the web.

Think that’s too expensive? That’s exactly why I’m here. I offer affordable digital media and web support services to small businesses that leverage technology for them, so they can focus on what they do best: running a business!

What Do You Specialize In?

I specialize in communications and information technology networks. I have spent the majority of my life focused on learning and applying new digital media and web technologies, as well as composing captivating and concise content. When you hire me on to your team, you are getting a genuine “jack of all trades”. I am a writer, a designer, an influencer, and a network/web admin.

What can you do for me?

Clients often want a list of services. I have trouble listing these because they are so extensive! You can rest assured though that even if you desire something on the web that you do not see listed here, I will be able to provide you with a comprehensive consultation that will at least refer you to an appropriate source. Also, I am always available to help facilitate and clarify communications between you and any other technology related contractors you may be working with.

  • Cloud Network/System Administration
  • Web Design (personal websites, company websites, online stores)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Code Cleanup, Validation, Tweaking
  • Site Migrations
  • Image Manipulation
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Hosting (I host my own cloud servers… not reseller hosting)
  • Social Media Management and Influence
  • Articles, Press Releases, Blogs, News Releases, Reviews
  • Technical Writing (manuals, guides, FAQs)
  • Business Communications (proposals, biographies, resumes)
  • Technical Support for Networks, Web, Social Media, Digital Media, Cloud

How Do I Get Started?

All you have to do is contact me for a free consultation. I am available through the following channels:

Phone: 386.227.6890

Email: [email protected]

Click here to find me on UpWork

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