Month: May 2017

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Chipolte's Credit Card Systems Hacked: Here's What You Need to Know

Chipolte is one of the most popular lunch spots for many businesses across the nation. Today the company announced that their credit card system was hacked. The majority of their restaurants were affected by the malware used in the attack. Chipolte does not know how many restaurants were affected, though. Thankfully, Chipolte has released a…
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Of Unsung Heroes: The Budget Smartphone That Won The Internet's Heart in 2016 (ZTE ZMAX Pro/MetroPCS Review)

The ZTE ZMAX Pro was definitely the budget phone steal of 2016 on MetroPCS. At only $99 after rebates, this phone outperformed the flagship LG Stylo G 2 Plus – which was no laughing matter. As a devoted fan of the Stylo G, I walked in to the store ready to upgrade to the Stylo…
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Nextcloud Puts the Power & Security of the Cloud in SMBs Hands

If you are worried about your business data being secure online, Nextcloud is the solution for you. With Nextcloud, you own the cloud that holds your data. It also saves you money on paying for cloud provider services. The latest version of open sourced Nextcloud has a collection of awesome SaaS (software as a service) features…
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Microsoft Surface Pro with Long Battery Life and LTE Released

A Microsoft Surface Pro (and all in one notebook and tablet) was released yesterday. The new all in one tablet and notebook features 13.5 hours of battery life. The integrated solid state hard drive (SSD) and a fanless design use 50% less power than the last version. Microsoft also updated the Surface Pro with new hinges that will not…
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