Month: May 2016

Creative Design & Managed Support Services

Xubuntu Network Manager Icon (nm-applet) Missing/Not Visible? Here's the Permanent Solution!

There’s a rather long-lived bug in Xubuntu that will prevent a normal user from running the network manager applet (nm-applet), causing the network manager icon to go missing. Checking to see if you are experiencing this exact bug is pretty easy – just open up a terminal window and try typing nm-applet, then press Enter.…
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No Audio in Lubuntu? – Lubuntu Audio Configuration and Volume Control

As software continues to require more and more resources, my aging laptop (an HP DV6-7010) has gotten to the point where it requires a lighter distro to perform optimally when bogged down with my gazillion browser tabs and graphics I’m editing. I tried Xubuntu, but found that even it started getting kind of funky when…
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