Month: December 2015

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Microsoft's Arrow Launcher for Android: Reviewing Microsoft's Aim

It’s been interesting seeing a more cooperative and friendly side of Microsoft coming out as of late, with bigger efforts being made round table to encourage interoperability with competitor’s software. Evidently part of their new open arms philosophy has taken on the form of a new Android launcher called Arrow Launcher. Arrow Launcher takes a…
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The Best Android Launchers of 2015

There are probably hundreds of launcher apps in the Google Play Store for Android today. Out of all of these apps, five made their selves worthy of honorable mentions in 2015. From the rock solid and predictable Nova Launcher to the wild and crazy antics of Next 3D Shell, these Android launchers have plenty to…
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The Best Android Apps of 2015

It seems like everyone is releasing a “Best of 2015” list this month, so who am I to stand out from the crowd? 😉 This is my list of the best Android apps of 2015, from the perspective of a working single mom: ZocDoc – Schedule doctor appointments and fill out their new patient registrations…
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FreedomPop Review: Not So Free After All

I recently found myself in need of a hotspot mobile carrier, and was drawn to FreedomPop’s service due to the low cost of entry and low priced 10GB plan (which has BTW since been beat by Boost Mobile’s 10GB plan pricing). I really should have researched this carrier before purchasing a hotspot – if I…
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